The Utopia of Alia

The Constitution


§ Every human being has general, equal and inviolable human dignity.

§ Every human being has the right to be themselves.

This right is naturally constrained by the principle of not being allowed to harm anybody by exercising the right to be oneself. Inappropriate treatment of other people is categorically forbidden. The thoughts or exogenous properties of a human being do not affect their treatment with equal human dignity. Nobody has to pretend or wear masques due to the fear of discrimination or inappropriate treatment.

§ Every human being has the right to exercise their world view or not to exercise any world view.

By exercising ones world view, one cannot hinder the right of others to exercise their world view (e.g. different religions or atheism) or the right not to exercise any world view. The society and its institutions do not concede any world view nor participate in exercising them.

§ In society and legislation everybody is treated equally.

In military service legislation, for example, gender should not be used to justify unequal treatment before law, nor in marriage legislation whether the spouses are of same or opposite sex. This equal treatment principle does not rule out protecting weak and powerless, such as children.

§ The society guarantees everybody conditions for life with human dignity.

The society takes care of underprivileged people. The added value of work is distributed equitably and fairly, e.g. via civil wage.


In science, art, politics and in my common life, I fight for this world to come true. It is the reason for me to exercise science, write, and now most recently be a candidate in the forthcoming parliamentary election.

I wish to spend at least my elderly days in this kind of world. Then, in a rocking chair, I could tell tales to my grandchildren, telling that I was also there, changing the world, making it a better place, worth living for everybody. I hope they would not believe their ears, hearing that as late as the 2010s, the Finnish marriage legislation and legislators, for example, lived in the very dark Middle Ages.

My friends and comrades, the battle is going on!

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