Alia in drag

My Drag Race promo photo is taken by Anna Dannenberg.

My Drag Race promo photo is taken by Anna Dannenberg.

For me, it is not possible to do drag like the stunning Conchita Wurst, so maybe this is the best I can do. 🙂 For your information, if you are wondering what the hell I am doing, and if this is a kind of bet: No, this is not a bet, but I admit I was a bit provoked in a New Year party (thank you, Severi!) to participate Susiraja Drag Race 2018 competition (link) which is an event of North Karelia Pride in Joensuu this year.

Probably this is one joke too far in my private detective storyline (I write detective novels and my children claim that their mother really is a private detective). Ok, I admit I have had a few million euro cases, though… But here the storyline follows Tracer Bullet (Calvin’s detective alter ego in Calvin and Hobbes): ”I’d planned to take the day off and spend time with a couple of buddies. My buddies travel light and they’re fun to have around. One travels in a holster and the other in a hip flask.”

And for those that do not believe I would do this kind of stuff just for fun and are suspicious that there must be inner motives. Maybe they are right, but I also try to expand my scope of fun. My other motives… there is a slight possibility I might demonstrate that gender expression is not as fixed as people tend to believe. In my novels a female detective, when truly wishing to be incognito, disguises herself as a passing man…

P.S. I have not cut off my hair because of this. 🙂

P.P.S. As a catch from my forthcoming novel:
”Miss Perfect”, Matti Kosonen drew the quotation marks in the air with his fingers, ”is so perfect that when disguised as a man, she makes women drool after her!”


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